Decking & Balustrading options

Decking, balustrading & Handrail options

OK, so you have decided that you want some decking.
The professionals at Phoenix Pergolas will know what you need. We plan decking carefully, in shady spots decking can quickly become green and slippery so we'd need a different approach and materials to a deck that is in an open and sunny spot.
Decking options include Hardie-deck, timber, composite deck and aluminium deck, aluminium timber look.
With correct planning, we'll create a space that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

As a safety feature or to finish your decking you may want to add handrails and balustrading.
Phoenix Pergolas can add decorative balustrades or even modern stainless steel wiring.

Add a touch of privacy to your pergola or decked area with louvres or privacy screens.
These add a modern appeal and add privacy to your decked pergola from neighbours eyes.

Design and planning

All of our products are approved by a certified practicing engineer.

We can supply all the documentation for council approval so you can lodge the application yourself or we can take the stress out of the situation and do all the application work for you.
Note: The council fees and charges are determined by the individual council and are added to our fee and payable prior to lodging the application.

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Decking and Balustrading Types

We have the full range of options to complement any pergola or decked area. Phoenix Pergolas can add decking, balustrades, handrails, louvres and even privacy screening.
Other options include:

  • Hardie Deck
  • Composite deck
  • Aluminium decking
  • Posts & Beams
  • Aluminum timber look
  • Decorative aluminium columns
  • Aluminium posts
  • Smooth round aluminium columns
  • Stainless steel wiring
  • Wooden decking
  • Australian hardwoods
  • Merbau
  • Decorative aluminium posts
  • Design & Planning Help
  • Treated pine
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We have the full range of options